What Kind of Man Does God Bless?

What Kind of Man Does God Bless?

Pastor Dennis Whitter speaking.

Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, and whose hope the Lord Is.”   Jeremiah 17:7

What, does it mean to be “blessed”? “Blessed” is from the Hebrew word: BARAK               It means to be “divinely favored”

“Trust” comes from the Hebrew root word, “batach”.   “Batach” means to rely on, rest in, depend on, and have confidence in

The word “hope” comes from the Hebrew word “mickva” which is taken from the Hebrew root: “quava”.

“Quava” means to wait for, to eagerly wait for, to expect, or to wait patiently and expectantly for a positive outcome.

So, the “blessed man” is the one who maintains his trust in the Lord and who derives his hope from the Lord, and who continues to reinvest that trust and hope in the Lord.

That is the man who is blessed.

Action steps?   Trust and hope . . . In the Lord.