What Do You See?

What Do You See?

Mark 8:22-23

Nine questions from Jesus - vv. 17-21

1 Why are you still talking about having no bread?

2 Do you still not see or understand?

3 Are your hearts hardened?

4 Do you have eyes but fail to see?

5 Do you have ears but fail to hear?

6 Don’t you remember?

7 After I fed the 5,000, how many baskets of food were left over?

8 How many baskets remained after I fed the 4,000?

9 How is it that you don’t understand?

I, In v. 22, they brought a blind man to Jesus.

“Do You See Anything?”  - Jesus

When Jesus asked a question, he was not usually seeking information, but rather was

trying to help his followers to think more deeply and to receive important spiritual truths.

II. In v. 23, Jesus led the blind man away.

III. In vv. 23-25, Jesus performed a miracle on the blind man.

Is this unusual story of Christ’s healing power in any way relevant to us today?

Perhaps these questions will help… Am I seeing anything?

Am I witnessing the works of God?

Am I looking for His hand in my life?

Am I focused on things that only hurt me?

Am I looking for the faults of others, or their needs?

Am I looking at Jesus?