The Eternal Significance of Productivity

The Eternal Significance of Productivity

Special Guest Speaker Bishop Rick Whitter

“Jesus often uses nature to illustrate his message, because nature follows a set course: sowers sow, crops appear, and the harvest follows.”    John Chrysostom

Mark 4:1-20; 24-32, 4:10

Four types of land:

1. Wayside

2. Stony soil

3. Thorny soil

4. Fertile soil

Some of us are wayside Christians. The Gospel is plentiful but it makes little difference in our lives.

Some of us are shallow Christians. We start well but when opposition or trials comes, we quit. We never produce anything of value.

Some of us are thorny Christians. The “cares of the world, deceitfulness of riches and desires for other things” choke out the power of the Gospel in our lives.

Some of us are fertile Christians.

2 Cor 3:14-16, Heb 6:8,  John 15:5:6

Mark 4: 11 The privilege of being a disciple – “to you it has been given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God.”