Improving Our Perspective of the Goodness of God

Improving Our Perspective of the Goodness of God

Pastor Dennis Whitter speaking 

1-2: How long, Lord? Will you forget me forever? How long will you hide your face from me? How long must I wrestle with my thoughts day after day andhave sorrow in my heart?
How long will my enemy triumph over me?
3-4: Look on me and answer, Lord my God. Give light to my eyes, or I will sleep the sleep in death and my enemy will say “I have overcome him” and my foes will rejoice when I fall.
5-6: But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation. I will sing the Lord’s praise for he has been good to me.

There are times when we are in pain and we admit that we are desperate for help, and yet, we may fall short of actually asking God to intervene.

 Why would we not ask the Lord for help?

  • Sometimes we feel we have not “earned” his help.
  • At other times, we might not be willing to face what he may demand of us.
  • We may be afraid of the work it may require.
  • Perhaps he will “break” the things we love too much.
  • Sometimes the fear is simply the fear of change.

One final fear may be that that . . .

We have a real good idea that if we truly submit our lives to God, we will be required to surrender control to him.

Salvation: From the Hebrew – 

Yeshuwah, meaning: salvation, deliverance, emancipation, assistance, aid, victory, prosperity, health, help.