The Beauty of the Local Church

The Beauty of the Local Church

Pastor Dennis Whitter speaking.

The King is enthralled by your beauty. Honor him, for he is your Lord.  Psalm 45:11

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The Four International  “Pillars of Beauty”

  • Symmetry/Balance
  • Proportion/Harmony
  • Clarity of skin
  • Vivid color

Four of the Pillars of A Congregation’s Spiritual Beauty

  • Symmetry (Balance of gifts and ministries)
  • Proportion/Harmony (Unity in Christian love)
  • Clarity of skin (Inner and outer purity/holiness)
  • Vivid color (Healthy and alive)

The Beauty of LifeChurch . . .

I. The beauty of LifeChurch

II.The Lord takes delight in our beauty

III.The Lord wishes to use our beauty